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Would Extra Security Cameras Have Helped Stop the Las Vegas Shooter?

A video surveillance expert explains how a convergence of the right security technology and properly trained personnel could more effectively stop active shooters. A terrible tragedy occurred in Las Vegas on the night of Oct. 1 when a gunman opened fire from his hotel room on a country music festival across the street. Since the […]

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Video Search Function Need Not Intimidate Your End Customers

A large municipal client learns that VMS search functionality allays concerns about having to locate a “needle in the haystack” in large amounts of video data. Many people contemplating adding security cameras or upgrading their CCTV systems are intimidated by video search. Case in point: we are working with a municipal client on a large enterprise video surveillance system […]

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11 Common Types of Security Cameras

Bullet, dome, covert, outdoor, varifocal and night vision are just some of the common types of surveillance cameras. Here’s a quick reference list. Selecting a type of security camera is simple, right? If you want a camera that follows people as they move, you want a pan/tilt/zoom or PTZ camera. Otherwise you want a fixed […]

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How to Keep Customers Happy When Overworked

An improving economy means more work for integrators, but do they have the time? As we start the year with high hopes and expectations, I wanted to bring up a topic that impacted many of us last year. Too much work and too few resources, including time and manpower, to complete that work. Sounds like […]

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Why Security Matters for the Greater Good

When evaluating a video surveillance installation, careful attention to camera placement, image quality and timeliness of repairs could ultimately have very real and positive benefits to our communities. One thing I find interesting about reading a blog is that they live virtually forever. If you search for a topic, click on a link and start […]

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