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How to Keep Customers Happy When Overworked

An improving economy means more work for integrators, but do they have the time? As we start the year with high hopes and expectations, I wanted to bring up a topic that impacted many of us last year. Too much work and too few resources, including time and manpower, to complete that work. Sounds like […]

Grossman Tells How to Get Going When the Going Gets Rough

SSI Bench Test products reviewer and well-known industry consultant addresses top integrator challenges. My April issue editorial discusses security integrators’ top 10 challenges as indicated inSSI’s annual Systems Integration Study. I consulted with a handful of trusted colleagues and contributors to the publication for ways integrators can best overcome these challenges, perhaps even turning them […]

The Security Buying Chain Explained

Chances are, if you’re involved in a security project, you are part of a team. And, like most teams, yours has its challenges. From people working at cross purposes, to folks who won’t listen — or won’t speak up — the roles and responsibilities of such a group can be difficult to navigate. Owner (or […]

Starting an Electronic Security Consulting Agency

This blog entry comes from a question we received on our Web site: I work at a major distributor as an over the phone consultant. I like and dislike the job at the same time. I like helping people and I love designing systems, but we have to do the designing so fast, it becomes […]