Project-Focused Services


Project Design
Our work with the design and manufacturing of products has taught us that designing electronic security systems is all about how they will be used in the real world, not how great they look on paper. The most functional and effective systems aren’t necessarily the most elaborate. You’ll find several articles we’ve written on electronic security system design in our Security Info Center, including “Giving Users What They Want” and “Designing Systems for People Who Use Them.”

Our team has designed some of the largest integrated systems in the world – from casinos to corporate facilities to court rooms and waste water treatment plants. We can ensure that the environment complements your equipment and your operators.

Project Documentation

Effective planning and documentation are critical to translate great ideas into reality. We will work with you to ensure that your designs are easily understood. Our article “Project Documentation for the End User” explains our documentation process in detail.

Project Management

Our philosophy on successful project management for systems we’ve designed and documented is that things go smoothly by following the plan. However, our skills are truly put to the test when we’re asked to clean up the mess on an existing project. That’s when our experience on the product, troubleshooting and manufacturing side will serve you well. If you have a project with unresolved issues that seems to go on forever, call us. We also recommend that you read our article “Efficient Project Management.” An excellent example of all these services working together can be found in our article “Sailing the Security Waters of Mystic Lake.” It tells how we helped create a new control room and convert 1,800 cameras for digital recording at Mystic Lake Casino.

Help Desk Services

If you’re looking for cost effective solutions for smaller electronic security problems without super-sizing your budget, try our help desk services. You’ll get knowledgeable, unbiased, objective answers to your questions to help point you in the right direction. We’ll tailor the service to your requirements. Purchase a block of time and use it as needed. You only pay for the time you use. Clients big and small appreciate that we help them focus on the level of security they need and recommend the appropriate, cost-effective products. We’ve helped national organizations develop and standardize their security applications and local businesses solve problems quickly.