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Yale nexTouch Keypad Access Lock

Yale Keypad Lock Is One to Keep in Stock

Published: April, 2017 | by Bob Grossman

WE HAVE TESTED AND REVIEWED keypad access locks in the past, including models from Schlage and Kwikset, most recently the Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt ( kwikset_deadbolt_locks_reliable), and are big fans. After looking at promotional material for the Yale nexTouch keypad access lock, we asked for a test model but were really expecting a product […]

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The TRENDnet TI-PG1284i network switch.

TRENDnet Industrial Network Switch

Published: | by T. Riley Pierce

The TRENDnet TI-PG1284i network switch is an attractive solution for locations that are less than ideal. TRENDnet has introduced a new industrial-grade hardened network switch that promises to become a “go-to” component for installers when they have network locations that don’t have the best environmental conditions. TRENDnet has been involved in the electronics world since […]

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Minuteman Power Technologies PRO1500RT

Minuteman PRO1500RT UPS Has Few Downsides

Published: February, 2017 | by Bob Grossman

This uninterruptible power supply bests comparable units in both price and performance. Minuteman Power Technologies’ power protection products are manufactured by Para Systems, based in Carrollton, Texas. Now in its 35th year, the company’s product line is well supported and respected, and we tested its remote power management system in August 2016. Our positive experiences […]

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Bench Test: Ubiquiti Router Ramps Up Networking With Nary a Net

Published: October, 2016 | by T. Riley Pierce

Thanks to widespread hacking nowadays, the sub $100 “basic” network router just can’t provide the protection needed for video surveillance systems. THE SECURITY AND VIDEO SURVEILLANCE world has been evolving the past decade from a mostly analog-based environment to an IP-based one. Security camera systems today have changed from analog matrix switches, VCRs and CRT […]

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ISONAS IP Access Is a ‘Pure’ Pleasure

Published: September, 2016 | by Bob Grossman

With both hardware and software components, reviewing the ISONAS IP access control system was a complicated process. Up until now, our product reviews have been “inside the box.” That is products that came in a box, and while they tended to serve as part of a larger system they were reviewed on their own merits. […]

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