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Review: Kwikset Obsidian Touchscreen Deadbolt Enlivens Door Security

Published: May, 2018 | by Bob Grossman

The Kwikset Obsidian is a motorized deadbolt lock with a touchscreen keypad for control and utilizes Z-Wave Plus. We have reviewed a number of electronic locks, including units with touchscreens (deadbolt and lever handle models), push-button locks of both types, and even a deadbolt-only smart lock with no means of exterior access (other than the […]

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Review: TRENDnet NVR PoE+ Switch Displays Its Value

Published: March, 2018 | by Bob Grossman

To a large extent, network switches are becoming (or have become) commodity items. At a given price range there are more similarities than differences; with durability, throughput, and features marching in lock-step up the price range for different manufacturers. Low-end switches are unmanaged, and the PoE models are just fine for low power devices. Higher-end […]

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Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Is a Hub Above

Published: | by Bob Grossman

In December 2014, we reviewed the Qolsys IQ Panel, mentioning that it was an extremely difficult product to review. This is not a single function device but rather what I would term a partnership product. It requires the panel itself, myriad accessories, the back-end support of, and the involvement of a skilled and trained […]

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Salient RED3 Integrated Server Is Nearly Perfect

Published: November, 2017 | by Bob Grossman

Salient Systems’ RED3 offers a compelling combo of hardware and software, allowing for simplified distributed deployment of VMSs. We are all enticed by the promise of simplicity. Even those of us who like to adjust, configure or otherwise “tweak” things tend to embrace that practice as an option rather than a necessity. So when Salient Systems, a […]

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TRENDnet Surveillance Kit Has Basics Covered

Published: October, 2017 | by Dan Szatkowski

There seems to be no end of small, pre-packaged camera systems available to the general public these days. People like Mr. Joe Citizen see video on social media of some lowlife making off with a package from a front porch and decides that he could use that same level of protection. So, the next time Joe […]

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