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Salient RED3 Integrated Server Is Nearly Perfect

Published: November, 2017 | by Bob Grossman

Salient Systems’ RED3 offers a compelling combo of hardware and software, allowing for simplified distributed deployment of VMSs. We are all enticed by the promise of simplicity. Even those of us who like to adjust, configure or otherwise “tweak” things tend to embrace that practice as an option rather than a necessity. So when Salient Systems, a […]

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TRENDnet Surveillance Kit Has Basics Covered

Published: October, 2017 | by Dan Szatkowski

There seems to be no end of small, pre-packaged camera systems available to the general public these days. People like Mr. Joe Citizen see video on social media of some lowlife making off with a package from a front porch and decides that he could use that same level of protection. So, the next time Joe […]

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Hikvision Network Camera’s Image Lives Up to Its Value

Published: October, 2017 | by T. Riley Pierce

Once upon a time in the far off past (well, 15 years ago) you really didn’t have much of a choice when you wanted an IP-based camera. At that time there were just a couple of manufacturers providing cameras to the U.S. market and as we all remember the selections were mighty pricey! Fast-forward to […]

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Yale nexTouch Keypad Access Lock

Yale Keypad Lock Is One to Keep in Stock

Published: April, 2017 | by Bob Grossman

WE HAVE TESTED AND REVIEWED keypad access locks in the past, including models from Schlage and Kwikset, most recently the Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt ( kwikset_deadbolt_locks_reliable), and are big fans. After looking at promotional material for the Yale nexTouch keypad access lock, we asked for a test model but were really expecting a product […]

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The TRENDnet TI-PG1284i network switch.

TRENDnet Industrial Network Switch

Published: | by T. Riley Pierce

The TRENDnet TI-PG1284i network switch is an attractive solution for locations that are less than ideal. TRENDnet has introduced a new industrial-grade hardened network switch that promises to become a “go-to” component for installers when they have network locations that don’t have the best environmental conditions. TRENDnet has been involved in the electronics world since […]

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