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How Well Does Sony’s 4K IP Surveillance Camera Perform?

SSI put the Sony SNC-VM772R fixed dome camera under the microscope. SONY has been supplying products to the CCTV industry for many years. Its video surveillance offerings have primarily been based on the IPELA line of CCTV cameras. Sony is now expanding its offerings with two cameras that employ a 4K (20-megapixel) sensor. We will examine […]

Panasonic 360° Camera Stands Up to Third Degree

YOU KNOW THE OLD ADAGE, “When it rains it pours”? There seems to be a plethora of 360⁰ cameras in the CCTV market today, but that’s a good thing. Competition and innovation drive the market and result in better cameras for everyone. The WVSFV481 is one of Panasonic’s offerings in the panoramic view camera market. […]

Speco Intensifier Camera Faces Intense Scrutiny

The OiMD1 camera is one of two IP-based camera models in the Intensifier IP line offered by Speco Technologies. The technology for these cameras was adapted from the analog cameras in Speco’s product line of CCTV equipment. I have seen and read many of their advertisements for this technology but this is the first time […]

The Finer Aspects of Pelco’s Sarix 5MP Camera

Pelco by Schneider Electric has many models and styles of analog and IP cameras in its portfolio. The Sarix line of CCTV cameras represents the majority of the IP product offerings in the Pelco line, and the Professional Series is the brand’s upper level. The IBP519-ER IP camera is part of the Professional Series and […]

Brickcom 360° Network Camera Has Wide Appeal

The Bickcom N-Series 360⁰ cameras are Brickcom’s offerings in the panoramic view camera market. Brickcom has two models in the N-Series, the MD-300Np, which has a 3-megapixel (MP) imager and the MD-500Np that has a 5MP imager. Both models are designed to provide maximum coverage of a location/area from a single lens assembly via their wide […]

Bosch Starlight Falls Shy of Camera Heaven

The Dinion IP starlight 8000 MP network camera from Bosch Security Systems is the top of the line in its series of box cameras and, at 5 megapixels (MP), has the highest resolution within the product line. There are 10 models in the line, ranging from the traditional box camera design to outdoor “bullet”-style camera […]

Panasonic Network Camera Packed With Installer-Friendly Features

The Model WV-SFV631L is part of Panasonic’s 6 Series network cameras. This line is composed of indoor and outdoor fixed dome assemblies in “HD” (1.3 megapixel) or “Full HD” (2.4 megapixel) resolutions. The indoor fixed domes have regular and vandal-resistant housings, while the two outdoor fixed domes both have vandal-resistant enclosures. I was provided the […]

Pelco 360⁰ Network Camera Has All the Angles Covered

The Pelco Evolution 360⁰ camera is a new addition to the IP camera line from Pelco by Schneider Electric. It’s the result of a partnership between Pelco and London’s Oncam Grandeye to provide a 360⁰ camera offering to the Pelco product line. The Evolution 360⁰ is designed to provide maximum coverage of an area from […]

A Look Under a Pair of Axis’ Vandal-Resistant Domes

The Axis P3384-VE network camera is one of the P33 Series of network cameras from Axis Communications, designed primarily for locations where a vandal-resistant dome is indicated or required. The P3384-VE is the “middle of the pack” model for the P33 Series and is designed with a 1MP (megapixel) imager that provides a very clear […]

Pelco Sarix IME319-IES Network Camera Stronger on Imaging Than Setup

The Pelco Sarix IME319-IES network camera from Pelco/Schneider Electric is part of a line featuring several types of indoor and outdoor models available in ceiling-, surface- or pendant- mount designs. There are four levels of image resolution offered in the product line starting with a 0.5MP (megapixel) imager on the entry model and progressing with […]