5 Uses of CCTV That Could Help You Get Budget Signoff

Maybe it’s because I still look at the money my clients spend as if it were my own. Or maybe I’m just cheap. Regardless, I have trouble getting past the bang-for-the-buck analysis when looking at the requirements of a particular project, and I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing.

Modern electronic security systems come with a lot of features that have uses beyond the intended security application. In this age of constricted budgets, the more uses that you can come up with for a system, the more likely you are to get funding to acquire, improve, or expand that system.

Environmental conditions
Many properties have environmental conditions that are a concern. From snow removal to earthquake damage, being able to view cameras remotely to get a quick eyes-on assessment of the situation can be invaluable. With the proper configuration and security protocols, access can be granted to nonsecurity personnel, allowing others to monitor the status and react to changes.

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