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Maintenance and Repair Needs for a Digital System

As facilities have moved from their analog tape based systems to the digital world, many believed that the system maintenance aspects were gone. Sure, we were used to repairing or replacing VCR’s – there were tons of mechanical parts, tapes shed grime and particles into the units, and VCR’s were pretty cheaply made to begin […]

Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Be Mindful of the Category Rating

More and more of our projects involve networked systems and associated devices, and that inevitably includes cabling. And, as the price differential between the various category-rated cables diminishes, we are finding the temptation to provide the highest level of category rating possible throughout projects, whether or not it makes sense. If CAT5 is good, and […]

What Not to Recycle

Our last blog entry (“Recycling Is Green, But It Can Make You Some Green Too…“) reviewed the benefits of recycling in unexpected ways, telling a short case study involving the reuse of a console. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t explore the dark side of recycling. Some things should be destined for the landfill, […]

Don’t Throw Out the DVR With the Bathwater

While everyone was happy to get away from feeding tapes to VCRs, the digital replacement is not without an appetite of its own. I speak of course of the need to replace hard drives from time to time. This article was written by Bob Grossman for his “Enterprising Solutions” blog for Security Sales & Integration […]

What Really Is an IP System?

The market is being whipped into a frenzy by buzz about IP, yet studies show that only 10-15 percent of systems sold include IP cameras. What’s the deal? Our firm was recently retained by a new client to provide a strategic review on the electronic security industry. This client was focused on CCTV, and inevitably […]

Look for the Hidden Costs in Contracts

Despite the best of intentions, there is often a “disconnect” between the people who design, manufacture, distribute, sell, and install electronic security products, and those who specify, purchase and use them. As someone who has spent roughly equal amounts of time on both sides of the chasm, I will do my best to help bridge […]