The Update Treadmill – Security Sales & Integration

I’m a big fan of the consumer electronics blog Engadget. It publishes a number of news, tips, and rumors on consumer electronics equipment and software, and I have always found the consumer electronics field to be a good barometer for what we’ll be seeing in the commercial and industrial space. After all, it’s the economies […]

Tips to Better Manage Project Scheduling – Security Sales & Integration

For many of us, the nature of our business is feast or famine. I have yet to meet a consultant, integrator, manufacturer, or other person in this industry (or any construction-related industry) that didn’t experience the peaks and valleys that can make your life (and your business) a roller coaster. Sure we’d all rather be […]

Spending Too Much? Part 1 of Many – Security Sales & Integration

The topic of “overbuying” comes up so many times in our practice that I can’t limit this to just one blog entry — this could easily become a recurring theme. I’m not talking about paying too much, where the competitive process breaks down and the end user pays more than they should have (easily another […]

A Team Effort

RG&A president Robert Grossman is authoring a new blog. “Enterprising Solutions” will post every week or so on Security Sales & Integration Magazine’s website. Read his first entry about the group effort aspect of blogging.

Get Peak Performance from Lenses – A&S Magazine

Lenses are essentially ground the same way, but their installation affects image quality significantly. This second of two articles explores practical installation tips along with development hurdles. Capturing good images is an interplay of quality equipment, installation and environmental factors. Getting a lens to perform well requires accounting for lighting, field of view and camera […]

Zooming in on Surveillance Lenses – A&S Magazine

Lenses operate as the eyes of a camera, taking in every single detail. A&S finds out what makes surveillance lenses good, how to test them and what’s ahead for development. The lens is a crucial part of a camera. When light strikes, the lens focuses those photons to the image sensor to capture a complete […]

Spelling Counts

We have spent a good portion of the past few days reviewing bid responses for a major CCTV project that our firm is handling. After a fairly detailed request for proposal (RFP) package, multiple walkthrough opportunities, and a comprehensive request for information (RFI) process, we thought that we would get a number of complete, professional, […]

Manufacturer Viability: Is It An Issue? – Security Sales & Integration

Many security industry startups have been funded with venture capital and the next round of financing may not be available, given market conditions. Do the proper due diligence to ensure you don’t buy a system made by a company that won’t be around long enough to provide bug fixes and tech support.

What Really Is an IP System?

The market is being whipped into a frenzy by buzz about IP, yet studies show that only 10-15 percent of systems sold include IP cameras. What’s the deal? Our firm was recently retained by a new client to provide a strategic review on the electronic security industry. This client was focused on CCTV, and inevitably […]

Firekeepers Casino final walkthrough

We just returned from the Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan where we have completed the final walkthrough and review of open items. This is an important final step in a project, as it ensures that the system is complete and that the client has received exactly what they wanted. Another great project with American […]