Problems in Selecting Surveillance Monitors

The consumer market drives demands for 16:9 monitors, but there are still times when a 4:3 monitor is a better fit.

As people get more acclimated to technology change in their personal life, it often spills over into their professional life. While this is generally a good thing, we’re seeing one area where the change doesn’t always make sense. This came up recently on a request to substitute a monitor for a project under construction. I thought the issue might have wider appeal and was worth bringing up here.

The project in question involves replacing the digital video recording system, for various reasons. All of the existing analog cameras are in excellent shape and are remaining. They will be connected to multi-channel encoders and recorded on the new NVR-based system. Since the cameras all have a 4:3 aspect ratio, we specified 19” 4:3 format monitors, which were the biggest size commonly available in that aspect ratio and will fit into the existing monitor console.

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