Recycling Is Green, but It Can Make You Some Green Too…

Photo via Flickr (nickwheeleroz)

Photo via Flickr (nickwheeleroz)

Most of us are bombarded with constant reminders about the importance of recycling, and I can imagine anyone arguing with the overall concept. And, many of us take it further than bottles, cans and paper — where I live, anything even slightly useful that is placed out at the curb is “recycled” by a passerby well before the trash collection shows up. But has anyone really thought of how that kind of recycling can help your business?

One recent example brought this home for me. We worked with a large client to redesign and expand a command center that was to handle remote video monitoring of multiple locations throughout the country from a single center in New Jersey. The new configuration featured an open console design, video projection, and an eight-operator console that formed a long arc. It was designed to be a showcase installation, and the new console would replace three separate two-operator consoles that were the older, closed “equipment rack” style.

Rather than consign three perfectly good consoles to the junk heap (and pay to have them hauled away), the integrator removed them for free, took them back to their shop, and cleaned them up. While the integrator was unable to resell them (clients want new equipment), they were able to apply a more creative approach. The consoles were modular, so they combined pieces to create a larger console, with a few parts left over. They were in the process of bidding a project for a local hospital, and, as part of the bid they offered a free, gently used console. They were careful to disclose that it was used, and they bought a new work-surface to fit the modified configuration.

Naturally, they won the job, and the console looks great in its new home. Everyone along the way was happy, and the integrator will be sure to look for future “recycling” opportunities. You might want to consider keeping your eyes — and mind — open for that as well.

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