Mystic Lake’s Gold Standard

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“Mystic Lake Casino is known for gambling, concerts and buffets, but it’s also known for having one of the best surveillance systems in the world.

Mystic Lake Casino surveillance experts watched over the Prior Lake casino. Tribal officials have installed the latest technology, typically used by police, at the casino, and they’re helping to nab bank robbers and solve crimes…

‘In our experience, Mystic Lake stands alone in terms of video surveillance, and not just in comparison to other Native American casinos,” said security expert Robert Grossman.

He was a consultant for a $10 million overhaul of Mystic Lake’s surveillance system in 2005, when he called it “one of the most sophisticated surveillance systems in the world.’

The tribe has since invested in more surveillance, including the license-plate-recognition system installed last fall, but officials won’t disclose how much was spent on upgrades for the resort complex.

Grossman said Mystic is more effective at protecting games than any other casino his firm has worked with, including casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and around the globe…”

Click to read the full article here – Mystic Lake’s Gold Standard


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