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I just finished reading the August 2006 online edition of “Enterprising Solutions with Robert Grossman,” which was titled, “Getting Video From Point A to Point B.” Based on this article, I would like to ask Mr. Grossman for some advice.

Several years ago, I built a mountain house and prewired for video surveillance by using RG 59 cable. The cable(s) were run to various locations where I want to install cameras to a central location in the basement. I estimate the longest run to be approximately 40 feet. I also ran electrical wiring along with the RG 59. The identification on the RG 59 wire is: “RG 59/U AWG Type CL2 75 C (UL) E100316 or CATV Ð CSA CMH FTl LL53149-SC.”

Is there a video surveillance system that will work using this wire? I need four cameras that I can access via Internet from a remote location. I appreciate any advice.

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The bad news is that you’ve pulled the wrong type of cable for a video surveillance system, using CATV (broadband, or cable TV) cable instead of CCTV (baseband or composite) cable. The good news is that, given the short distances involved, it likely won’t matter. The cable you are using is not designed to reject noise for the signals you are running, but hopefully you won’t pick up much noise beyond 40 feet or so.

There are many companies that sell low-cost systems for consumer use, ranging from Sam’s Club to mail-order firms, some of which advertise in industry magazines like SSI. You will likely want to run standard analog cameras (there are a wide variety to choose from) to a centrally located DVR in your basement. The DVR can run unattended (make sure you use a UPS), and if connected to a network or the Internet will give you remote viewing and retrieval of stored images.

I get catalogs from a company called SuperCircuits ( that sells the kind of equipment you are looking for at reasonable prices and has a reputation for good presales advice and support. I have not personally used them, but they would likely be a good starting point.


It has been more than 20 years since I sat with Ron Davis and Dorsie Mosher in a sales seminar. It was so nice to see Mr. Davis’ picture in the latest issue of SSI (see “The Big Idea” on page 131)!

Wow, to think I still use some of the things that I learned from him. Concepts such as ask for the sale, use your existing customers for leads, live off of your customers, etc., etc. are sound strategies I have returned to again and again. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your columns.

JAY SOUZA, President
Diablo Area Alarms
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I’m reading through your 2008 Top 300 Industry Resource Guide and I must say the information and data gathered are very interesting. To that point, I would like to be able to better share this data with my peers and would like to know if the information found in your magazine is available in electronic form?

SimplexGrinnell (Northern Operations)

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